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Luxury dog bed dubai
Luxury dog bed in silver velvet
Luxury dog bed dubai
Luxury dog bed dubai
Luxury dog bed dubai
pink luxury dog bed
Luxury dog bed dubai
union jack dog bed
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Dixie's Boutique is a family run business established in Dubai. We focus on creating beautifully designed luxury pet beds and sofas which are individually handcrafted from scratch within the UAE. 

Whilst these beds may be small for us humans, a huge amount of time, detailing and wood work goes into every single design - quality is of the utmost importance at Dixie's Boutique! 

We have worked hard to ensure a range of products to suit all your styles and furbaby needs, whilst ensuring quality is NEVER if you too treat your dog like royalty, you have come to the right place! 


We love to customise all our products to ensure they are the absolutely perfect for you - For example, we can double your bed size for just 120 AED! We can offer:

Over 50 different colour options to ensure it seamlessly matches your home decor

Tailor your bed to the exact size you need for your furbaby and available space

Embroidery of your furbaby's name

A range of fabric options including our upgraded scratch resistant faux leather, luxurious velvet and 100% cotton


Bespoke beds


Do you want to see a Dixie bed in real life? Then pop down to one of our pet friendly hotel partners and see it for yourself! Visit Vida Emirates Hills to see a Pup-arrazi Pup or The Radisson Red to see an Ultimutt! This is a great way to see the quality and finishings up close and personal!


These are allocated in the main reception area of both hotels. Please note Vida Hotel provides the beds for all their furry guests to use during their stay, so occasionally they may not be available. 

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