The Persian Pouffe

The Persian Pouffe

This could be the perfect addition to your living room! Not only does it provide your cat (and small doggy's) with a safe and sheltered spot to curl up in, it also acts as a footstool. The Persian Pouffe is built with velvet, which lacks open weaves, making it less attractive for a cat to want to claw.


We can adjust the entry hole size to make it darker or lighter inside depending on what your cat prefers to curl up in. This bed can also be made bigger so little doggy's can use it!


Customise your footstool to whatever colour you need to match your home decor! We have included a few generic colour options, however feel free to reach out prior to ordering to review your exact colour options and shades.  Also available in upgraded scratch resistant faux leather.




  • Material

    - Soft velvet upholstery

    - Strong Marine Plywood with MDF support and foam

    - Removable chesterfield lid

    - Cushion made of dacron with a zip for easy removal

  • Standard Dimensions

    Internal dimensions - W42cm

    External dimensions - W50cm x H41cm

  • Customisation

    We have tried our best to ensure this bed is suitable for a majority of cats who like to curl up, however we understand our furry felines come in all different shapes and sizes, and some may also be fussy on the space they like, so we are pleased to be able to offer bespoke customisations on this cat bed!


    It is completely FREE to increase/decrease the diameter by 10cm.


    Entry hole amendments are also FREE.


    If you are interested in a specific colour, size or fabric, please get in touch with us at and we will try our best to cater for your furbaby needs.